Barcode equips emerging consumer brands.

Barcode’s aim is to provide engaged founders with a series of unfair advantages in the marketplace.

For more than three years, our free monthly startup workshops in Austin have provided early-stage and growth stage consumer brands with best-in-class insights, access and guidance.

Avoid the routine mistakes most first-time founders make and learn to run a startup with excellence. We’re here to guide you.


Join the most dynamic CPG startup COMMUNITY in the us

As our Austin community continues to expand, we have created an annual membership that unlocks even more value for emerging brands. For a low annual fee, members receive access to a resource-rich Slack workspace where they can ask questions, share experiences, and compare notes. In addition to the digital community, Barcode members enjoy several other benefits, including discounts to live events and online programs, an industry insights quarterly newsletter, and, of course, awesome Barcode swag!

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